We at New Hampshire Bindery still practice the art of making a good book. People have been binding printed pages into books for hundreds of years. Quality book binding was and still is, an art form. Noal Arell, the man who founded the New Hampshire Bindery in 1934 worked with his hands, folding, gluing and stamping. In those earlier years, volumes were counted, at most, in hundreds and not in the thousands that we do today.

The bookbinding industry has changed over the years, and is much more fast paced and price conscious than ever before.


New Hampshire Bindery blends the craftsmanship of those old bindery days with the consistency and uniformity obtainable from high-speed in-line machinery that will produce books of high quality at competitive prices.

Although machinery has replaced most of the handwork, employees at New Hampshire Bindery still inspect each book as it comes off the bindery line with a meticulous standard of quality control.

When Tom Ives started at the Bindery in 1972 as a junior in high school, he learned first hand what skills were needed to maintain this quality. Since then he has worked with all phases of the company, as machine operator and then later as plant manager. Today as president and CEO, that art, craftsmanship and tradition continue as the New Hampshire Bindery produces consistent high quality binding.

NHB has been able to maintain all these bindery skills with seasoned, excellent employees who take extra care and steps to insure consistent fine quality.

We also provide excellent customer service and handling of each order and set of specifications. Careful inspection of the work maintains our standard of excellence.

We would be delighted to talk with you and provide you with a quote on your bindery needs. The next time you pick up a good book, think of the New Hampshire Bindery.

"The New Hampshire Bindery ~ Traditional craftsmanship for the modern age."



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